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        The new plant relocation notice

        Writer:晶瓷Number of visits: Date:2014-02-28

        Dear Customer:

        Thanks to your company for many years of concern and support, the Secretary disadvantages because of scale, will move into the new plant in early 2014,

        As follows:

        The new plant Address: Suzhou City town lake Pu Road 369 (Directions: Dongshan high-speed exit, turn right to Wuzhong Avenue, go straight to the first traffic light and turn left into the riverside village road to the second traffic light after Turn left onto Green Road, 300m turn right, 50m that is to the south substation)

        Tel: 0512-66956977 (no change)

        Fax: 0512-66952686 (no change)

        In this case, the Secretary disadvantages for your company long-term support and help is much appreciated, and we will continue to provide you with better products and better services, and you grow together!

        By then, welcome your visit Suzhou crystal porcelain superhard materials Co., Ltd. The new factory tour guide! Wish all my colleagues and business is booming and good luck, Happy New Year!

        UNITED Secretary of relocation due to your company for the inconvenience, we express our deep regret, please understand!

        Notice is hereby!

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