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        Expert on shielding current of new ceramic insulation coatings

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        With the development of the society, the problem of the insulation of current is very important, the safety of insulation design is a series of problems, such as personal safety and safety of industrial production.. The insulation meaning is a kind of safety measure which can protect the electric shock from the electric shock by using the non - conductive material to isolate or wrap the charged body. Good insulation for electrical equipment and line safe operation, preventing the occurrence of electric shock accident is the most basic and the most reliable means. According to national standards GB2900--5 is defined as the definition of insulation material: "used to make electrical components on the insulation of the material", that is, to prevent the current, the shielding current through the material. Its standard resistivity is high, usually within the range of 10 ~ 10 - M. Zhi Sheng Wei Hua company after years of research and development of new ceramic insulation coatings, technical level has been in the forefront of the world, coating the insulating shielding current optimum has been reached.

        Ceramic insulation coatings belong to the field of functional coating is a kind of new inorganic waterborne coatings, it is with nano inorganic compounds as the main component and with water as dispersoid, after coating usually after low temperature heating curing, forming performance and ceramic similar insulation coating. The Institute of Aeronautical Materials and Beijing Zhi Sheng Wei Hua Chemical Co., Ltd. joint research and development of high-temperature resistant ceramic insulation coatings, performance has exceeded the insulating paint advanced level. Chi Sheng Wei Hua of the high temperature resistant insulating ceramics the insulation, heat resistance, abrasion resistance and high hardness, good oxidation resistance and thermal shock resistance, moderate thermal expansion coefficient, excellent performance and therefore very suitable for ultrasonic speed spacecraft structural materials for high temperature high temperature insulation under the. ZS-1091 Sheng high temperature ceramic insulation coatings, by Zhi Sheng Wei Hua special high temperature solution, the long-term temperature can reach 1800 DEG C, waterborne inorganic ceramic material, the coating should adopt pure inorganic high temperature polymer solution and paints with high resistance inorganic crystal materials, finish and. Insulating coating can work in 1700 DEG C for a long time, the volume resistivity greater than 1016 ohm m, electric breakdown strength strength greater than 104KV/m, good chemical stability, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, good oxidation resistance, no flash point and ignition, high hardness, hardness greater than 7h. ZS-1091 Sheng Wei Huanai high temperature ceramic insulation coatings, high temperature 1700 DEG C, in was painted on the object surface to form a layer has a higher volume resistivity, can withstand the strong electric field and the breakdown of the. The coating has high mechanical strength and good chemical stability, can resist aging, water, high chemical corrosion; at the same time, it has resistance to mechanical impact and thermal shock, Chih Sheng Wei Hua insulating coating can be in the working temperature of the corresponding continuous work ZS-1091 high-temperature ceramic insulation coatings for waterborne inorganic coating, high temperature, using proprietary pure inorganic polymer solution at high temperature, high resistance inorganic crystalline materials with different composition, such as alpha alumina, silicon nitride, mica and other for the composition of the filler, the volume resistivity of coating high (greater than 1012 m), dielectric strength (higher than 104KV/mm), suitable for coating on a variety of refractory cable high temperature insulation. Paint the excessive sintering, the formation of hard ceramic shell body in the shape of the insulating layer, the hard ceramic shell body in the shape of an isolation layer can be very effective in blocking flame continues to spread, protect the matrix of the normal state is not compromised. Its birth has opened up a new method for the study of the insulation problem of human beings..

        In order to improve the properties of ceramic coating and improve the quality of ceramic coating on the surface of sample with complex shape. In the annals of ZS-1091 Sheng high temperature resistant insulating coating production process, strict control of coating raw materials production process, avoid stray ions or is metal molecule, ion mixing, try to improve raw materials of glass phase, reduce raw material for glass produced by the second conductive coating. Zhi Sheng Wei Hua insulating coating fine production but also strengthen the generated link details, such as temperature, humidity, atmosphere, to avoid unnecessary coatings with free ions, electrons and holes and redox electron, but also to avoid production in deep processing of inorganic crystal material conversion caused by lattice defects, so as not to affect the coating conductivity.

        Ceramic insulation coatings for the improvement of the overall level of the national industry, and promote the development of the national economy stable and rapid development are playing a very important role, will help the relationship between the national economy and the new level of the economy.

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