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        Xinjiang ceramic comply with the twelfth five year plan will layout a new base

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        2015, Xinjiang will develop into the largest building ceramics production base in Northwest China and the export base for the five Central Asian countries, the output of building ceramics will reach 200000000 square meters.

        The Xinjiang building material industry "Twelfth Five Year" development plan ", which referred to, in the" Twelfth Five Year Plan "period, Xinjiang will according to the Xinjiang clay resources distribution and characteristics of the market, respectively, in the layout of the Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Kashi, Bavaria, Yili and other four building ceramics production base and industrial cluster.

        Among them, with the existing ceramic production enterprises as the foundation, the new 50 advanced building ceramics production line, and to build into the northwest region of modern building ceramics industry base.

        Xinjiang Huajian Ceramic Co., Ltd. General Manager Guo Mingqi said such layout means that the ceramic enterprises in Xinjiang in the future development, will receive more government funding and policy support.

        Xinjiang building ceramics, which started in the 80 's of last century, has been an important place in Xinjiang building materials industry, especially in twenty-first Century, and its development speed is more rapid. As of last year, Xinjiang building ceramics production enterprises more than 20, production line of more than 80000000, the production capacity of 10 square meters, exports has exceeded $87000000.

        At present, Xinjiang building ceramics production enterprises mainly distributed in Urumqi, Changji, Ili, Aksu, Kashi, etc., were built in the local industrial park or industrial base, mainly the production of low-grade ceramic wall and floor tiles, wall tiles, glazed tiles and other products.

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