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        Suzhou Jingci Super Hard Materials Co.,Ltd,(here after reffered to as Jingci) was founded in 1999 and located on Pujin Road,LinhuTown,Suzhou,and is close to Taihu Lake Scenery Resorts.
        Jingci Specializes in production,researching and development of parts made of alumina(AL2O3), zirconia(ZrO2),silicon carbide(SIC),silicon nitride(Si3N4),as well as customized products.
        Each high quality ceramic product comes from Jingci's advanced management concepts,skilled technical staff,matured manufacturing workmanship,in addition to advanced  equipments.  Customer’s  satisfaction  is  our greatest  pursuit, and we believe in the motto Professionality makes excellence,  Jingci will  make sustaining efforts to provide fine ceramic solution for customers around the world,whose visit,guidence and win-win cooperation are warmly welcome.
        ZTS_ZT2015020200018-suzhou jingci super hard materials co.,ltd.